If you live in the metro-Detroit area you can take classes with Sifu Dan Ferrera at the Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing and Wellness at the World Class Institute of Martial Arts in Livonia.

The regular class is open to beginners and advanced students alike. It is a powerful synergistic blend of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Tibetan, Javanese and Indonesian energy systems. It builds internal energy very quickly. After just 3 to 4 months, most students are at the same level as someone who has trained for over a year. This foundation class is truly a complete system that builds Nei Chi (Internal), Wei Chi (External Protection) and Shen (Spiritual evolution). Its teaches you how to accumulate, refine, circulate and project energy that can be utilized for self healing, healing others, peronal magnetism and martial arts. It dramatically enhances all mediational practices and provides the foundation for: Enlightenment, Kundalini aka Kan & Li, Acension or Spiritual Awakening. Sifu Ferrera is highly proficient in many styles of Qigong (too numerous to mention) and can assist you in your journey as you become profiecient with foundational skills. Regarless of your level of development, you will always practice the foundational method. It is a true gem! The foundational class itself becomes more & more advanced as your skills develop. As you become proficient at moving the energy, layers upon layers of additional information are added to the practice so that you can evolve at your own pace without becoming overwhelmed with too much information.

While most countries abandoned their traditional medicine systems in the modern era, the Chinese became even more convinced about Qigong’s effectiveness even as China’s civilization has modernized. Thousands of recent Chinese studies at top Chinese universities have verified that these ancient energy treatments, including acupuncture, really do work! By practicing Qigong methods, the exerciser can significantly improve their health and many may have their diseases (if any exist) go into “spontaneous remission.” As you advance in your skill, you will be able to emit your Chi energy to examine and help others in the remission of their illnesses as well. Through regular Qigong practice, you will likely feel happier, relaxed and generally more at peace with the world.